Introducing Saturn Satellite Networks

Saturn Satellite Networks (SSN) Inc., a US Delaware Corporation and a subsidiary of Airspace Internet Exchange Inc., was established in 2017 by experienced satellite operations professionals to redefine the approach for building reliable GEO communications satellites to enable countries and operators to have affordable access to space communications. SSN has designed and developed the Nationsat, a small 4kW GEO communications satellite system that can provide requirements of a nation for video and data communications applications. All the subsystems of the Nationsat have either previously flown on other missions or would have undergone extensive GEO qualification procedures to ensure complete reliability in orbit. SSN entered into a M&A process with NovaWurks Inc., a California based corporation that is the builder of the HISat, a modular satellite platform that is connected together to fit any mission required by the payload in GEO, MEO or LEO orbits. The HISat serves as the basic platform of the Nationsat.



Get to Know Us

Jim Simpson


Vernon Smith

Managing Director

Ken Betaharon


Edmund Jew


Thomas Choi

Executive Chairman

Talbot Jaeger

Chief Scientist & CEO of Novawurks


Our Key Technologies

Saturn Satellite Networks deploys two advanced technologies to provide affordable and advanced capabilities to the customers of Nationsat. First we are the first in the world to offer a "Digital Transponder", a wide band digital channelizer which enables our satellites to have any uplink frequencies assigned to any downlink frequencies in the C, Ku and Ka band as well as dynamic bandwidth channelization from 10 Mhz to 108MHz per channel. This enables the payload of Nationsat to be more flexible than any GEO communications satellite that has launched in the past. The second key technology is the employment of the HISat from our own NovaWurks. The Hyper-Integrated Satlet (HISat) allows the satellite bus to achieve any payload power from 100W to 100KW. This enables SSN to provide the spacecraft that meets the mission of the customer instead of forcing the customer to define their mission based on the constraints of a platform as in the case of our competition.

DMT: Our "Digital Transponder"

DMT is a Digital Mixer Transceiver. Provides extreme level of flexibility in the spacecraft payload. Designed by SSN and implemented by Seakr Engineering Inc.  It performs a number of key functions including digital channelization, digital mixing, and routing traffic to the appropriate output path.

Hisat by Novawurks

Expandable Satellite BUS that fits any mission and in any orbit. Developed sine 2011 and flown on multiple missions for NASA and DARPA. Hisat allow us to build a BUS based on the requirements of the payload. We can easily vary our power and size of the BUS using the Hisats to scale from 100W to 100kW.


The Advantage of Nationsat from Saturn

Nationsats are Very Cost Effective

Nationsat satellites are 60 to 70% more affordable than traditional GEO satellites. We take advantage of our DMT, digital transponder to create not only flexibility for our customers but commonality in our satellite design as well as remove many analog components. We also use multi-port multifrequency antennas to reduce the antenna count, mass and costs. Most importantly we do not have massive overhead which normal satellite operators have with thousands of employees and massive facilities. Our optimized facilities are more than adequate for producing and integrating the Nationsat.

Nationsats are Very Reliable

The Nationsat have the highest reliability of any known GEO satellite system because it contains the most amount of redundancy. Each Nationsat contains 14 to 16 HISats. Each HISat contains flight computers, power management subsystem, reaction wheel, earth and star sensors and other critical components. The HISat's operate as a unified platform where every unit backs each other up and can take over critical bus functions in any event of failure. Moreover, every payload and BUS component of Nationsat have either existing GEO heritage or will achieve GEO qualification before the launch.

Nationsats Are the Right Fit for Today's Market

Currently over 150 countries do not have their own satellites. The Standard Nationsat can easily provide all the spectrum available to them under the current ITU App30B allotments. In addition for current satellite operators, Nationsat can provide 48 x 36 MHz of equivalent capacity in C & Ku-band for a price significantly lower than currently depressed market rates. Existing operators can replace 50 to 80 transponder satellites that maybe seeing only 50% utilization with 1 or 2 Nationsats to focus the capacity in markets and applications where there are profitable customers. If the market improves they can replace Nationsats with other bigger systems or add additional Nationsats in the orbital slot to expand service coverage areas.

Nationsats Are Fast to Market & Redeployable

Standard Nationsats can be built between 15 to 18 months. The fast build times enable a satellite operator to increase their ROI as we reduce the negative cashflow period required to launch satellites. In addition, since the Nationsat are designed from the beginning to be a secondary payload and compatible with any launch vehicle, the Customers will have much more opportunities to find co-launch slots. The Digital Transponders of Nationsat allow redeployment to other orbital slots to utilize varying orbital frequency resources available in different ITU regions and/or slots based upon coordination constraints.


Unique Design of Nationsat's Structure

Built to be compatible with launch adapter rings

The Nationsat's structure (patent pending) is designed to be compatible with a launch adapter ring (e.g. Ruag's Espa) so that our satellites can be an extra payload on a shared launch. Since our mass including the launch adapter ring is around 1000 kilograms, we would be compatible with multiple launch vehicles and primary launch satellites which would sit on top of the adapter ring. Our patented design allows 1 to 2 satellites to fit around the launch adapter ring. This design enables multiple benefits including reduced launch costs and greater availability of co-launch manifest opportunities for the benefit of our customers.


Satellite Models

Nationsat Light, Nationsat Standard, Nationsat HTS

Nationsat Light

Nationsat Light is SSN's unique low cost and wide frequency GEO satellite that can be used to provide communications services in C, Ku, Ka and Q/V bands. The power available is 500W

Nationsat Standard

Nationsat Standard provides C, Ku and/or Ka wide beam services to cover a country for video and data communications services. Payload power is between 3 to 4 Kilowatts of power and the spacecraft weighs less than 900 Kilograms in an all electric GTO configuration

Nationsat HTS

SSN can provide C, Ku or Ka-band HTS systems deploying both dynamic channelization and beam forming technologies to provide between 20 to 80 Gbps of capacity over any regional landmass.


Various Antenna Layout Options for Nationsat

Saturn Satellite Networks is able to provide multiple antenna configurations. Our primary and base antenna system is a 1.3m dual 8 port, C & Ku band Rx/Tx antenna. This antenna system would be suitable for most smaller nations. For customers requiring more regional coverage, we can provide 1 to 2 x 2.1M deployable antennas. For HTS satellites, we provide a unfurlable 3M antenna which is fed by a beam forming array in Ku or Ka band. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


How to Finance a Satellite 101

The management team at Saturn Satellite Neworks have raised billions of dollars in equity and debt to operate satellite systems and to launch dozens of satellites. Tom Choi was the founder and CEO of ABS, a global satellite operator built from ground up. Vern Smith worked at Hughes, SES and Echostar. Ken Betaharon was the CTO of Intelsat. Jim Simpson was the previous head of Commercial Space for Boeing. We have the necessary experience and contacts with banks and investors to assist potential buyers to obtain financing for qualified projects. Fundamentals required are the following: Customers have to be either an existing large user of satellite capacity or have significant long term contract(s) with an end user(s). The more solid the user base the easier it would be to obtain financing. If the Customer is a government and can provide a sovereign guarantee, then even without a signed end user contract, obtaining financing is possible. In addition, SSN can work with financial investors to provide a lease of a satellite with owner economics for qualifying customers. Please contact us and we will find a solution for you.

Export Credit Financing


The US Export and Import Bank (EXIM) is now again open for business. They have agreed to support Export Credit Assistance (ECA) financing support for the Nationsat for qualifying customers. Credit worthiness of the end user and credibility of the business plan backed up by solid customer contracts will be key to obtain EXIM financing support. Please contact us for more information.

Sovereign Guarantee Lease Program

The World Bank

For Customers that can provide Sovereign Guarantees of qualiftying nations, we can work with the World Bank to provide a life time lease structure. Please contact us for more information on this program.

Commercial LIfetime Lease Programs

Commercial Investors

Financial investors are willing to work with Saturn Satellite Networks to provide a commercial life time lease offer to qualifying customers who can provide us with a solid business plan backed up by strong customer contracts or if the Customer is a credit worthy institution. Please reach out to us for more details.



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